Jan. 6th, 2013

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What email?

The one telling me I needed to complete the application for my diploma.

Yes, I am now Patricia Moore, MA

In 132 days, Sunday, May 19, I will don a black polyester gown, throw a colored collar around my next, put a funny hat on my head and get my commencement on.

One of the of cool things is that I will actually have *2* graduations. The first, at 11:30, is the university wide commencement. This is held at the (huge) football stadium, is for *everybody* and takes over 2 hours. All of the, I mean *us*, grad students get to march across the stage and get our names scrolled across the jumbotron but I think the undergrads get their degrees en masse.

At 4:30 is the convocation for my school (The School of Communication and Information). That will be just all of us students and our professors and will be in the basketball arena. Since it can take a couple of years for a given cohort to graduate, usually a bunch of alumni come to party, um I mean *celebrate* our graduation with us.

May 19 seems so far away, by that time I'll know what I'm doing in the Fall, will have been to a couple of conferences and may even be published by then. But I know how fast time can go when you're not looking.

I can't count the number I've written about school but (for now) those posts are done. Go me.

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