Feb. 10th, 2013

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I'm finding it wryly amusing that *now* the LAPD is going to reopen its investigation into the firing of Christopher Dorner who killed 3 people and is (as of 4:05, Sunday February 10, 2012) still on the run. The say that they aren't doing it to satisfy his complaints but to show how transparent and far their processes are.

Every day this becomes a bigger PR nightmare for the police because every day they look worse and worse. His contention that he was treated unfairly at the hands of a back slapping, hand shaking bureaucracy is something that strikes a chord with almost everyone. Even the some of the sanest people have fantasized about getting revenge.

Dorner is not a ranting lunatic although they seem to be trying to cast him that way. They've planted the word "manifesto" to the Facebook post he mad but I don't think he uses that word himself. They're trying to draw comparisons between him and the DC Snipers but there is a marked difference but whereas Muhammad and Malvo were picking random people off and holding a whole society hostage, Dornan has a very specific group of people he is targeting and the general public does not feel threatened (not to mention the group he targeted are not particularly well liked in the first place).

Making the police look even worse is the fact that the police have up *two* cars of black people just because the cars looks like the one he was driving. That makes them look very competent. I still think that there is no way they are going to take Dornan alive, even if he attempts to surrender they will find an excuse to kill him and that might make the LAPD look the most brutal and dishonest and brutal.

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