Feb. 11th, 2013

cinema_babe: (2012 Olympic Mascots)
1. I'm leaving for Chicago at 3:45pm on Wednesday. I am compiling my list of what to pack and bought a nice pair of booties. I got the agenda for the weekend from Northwestern and found I will be having *5* one on one meetings with faculty members. Please toss out a prayer or good wishes out into the universe for me if you so choose; this will be one of the more important interviews of my life.

2. Purdue invited me to submit an essay which is the application to their PhD fellowships. By no means a guarantee that I'll get in. This means roughly the same thing as the trip to Chicago, they are considering me closely.

3. I found out that one of the professors from University of CA @ Santa Barbara has been contacting a couple of my profs to get their opinion on whether I can handle the quantitative work in that program.

4. And oh yeah, I've been accepted into Rutgers PhD program. 1 program down, 5 more to hear from.

Shit just got *very* real. Yo.

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