Apr. 28th, 2013

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Well this is a pleasant surprise.

Years ago I saw an old black and white WWII movie called A Matter of Life and Death. It begins with David Niven in a burning plane. He gets on the radio and tells the woman on the other end that the rest of his crew has died and that he is about to bail out of the place. He has one small problem

He has no parachute.

He understands the what the outcome will be and tells the young woman he is talking to that he will become a ghost so that he can visit her.

The movie cuts to Heaven where is buddy is waiting for him but he never arrives. Instead, he wakes up on a beach having seemingly survived falling out of a plane with no parachute. He meets up with the girl he had been talking to. Of course they fell in love in those moments they were talking on the radio and they think they have found happily ever after. Another small problem

Heaven is one angel short. Oops. As you can imagine, mayhem and hijinx ensue.

I was enjoying the movie, it's a fluffy WWII fantasy, but I fell asleep and missed the last half. I could never find it *anywhere*. Not on Netflix, not on YouTube. I couldn't even find it on IMDB or TCM's databases.

Mystery solved!

Apparently the original name of the movie was A Matter of Life and Death and that's the title it went by in England. When it came to the US, the studio demanded the title be changed to the more whimsical Stairway to Heaven. They felt the original title was too bleak for American audiences.

The other delightful thing is that the movie I began to see was in black and white. Again this was done for American audiences. The movie was originally filmed with all of the scenes in heaven in black and white and the scenes on earth shot in a rich technicolor, a relatively new process at the time.

One of my personal mystery has been solved, I feel much better now.
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I am justifiably proud of myself. I made homemade Febreze and not only is it dirt cheap but it's way better than the real stuff. Here's the recipe:

2 Tablespoons each of softener, baking soda
About 20 or so ounces of hot water

1. Mix the softener, baking soda and about a cup of water in a lidded jar
2. Shake the jar until the ingredients are mixed together
3. Pour it into a 20ish ounce bottle (I used my empty Febreze bottle)
4. Fill the bottle the rest the way up with the remaining hot water
5. Use as needed to freshen stuff up

My carpet and mattress smell *wonderful*. Your Welcome

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