May. 13th, 2013

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If you've seen the series up through the end of last season, there are no spoilers. If you haven't and plan to, stop now.

And no, I'm not putting it behind a cut.

Joan is an interesting character and she becomes more so as the series barrels towards the 70s.

He mother raised her to serve one purpose: to be in the home and on the arm of a successful man. It was something to strive for, marrying well was the ultimate brass ring.

She sees herself through the lens of her worth to men. Her pride in her job is derived from the compliments she gets from the men in charge, remember that she never particularly liked or respected the other secretaries. I think that's also at the heart of her being willing to sleep with that piggy guy from Jaguar for a partnership. Whereas for Peggy the only way to get a partnership would be to earn it through working, it's not surprising that instead of demanding it based on her professionalism in running and increasingly busy office, having sex in exchange for a partnership wasn't an impossibility, just distasteful.

For Betty, marrying a successful man was a birthright. For Peggy, it's about making your own success on your terms. For Joan it's always been tied to the status of a man: mistress, wife, secretary.

Betty will always have some Daddy figure to care for her dour person. Peggy will always define success and pursue success on her own terms (albeit within a male paradigm). She will not hesitate to jettison her BF if he becomes too much of an impediment.

But Joan? I can really only go in one of two directions:

1. After several rocky years (and probably after the death of her mother) she finds her own self worth as an individual and builds on her success from there.

2. She keeps up the professional success but she keeps looking for that man to hitch her star to. She ends up drinking too much, depressed, bitter and maybe even commits suicide.

I hope they do something like Six Feet Under did at the end of their of their series where they tell you what happens to all of the characters.
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Roger is great when he's being a son of a bitch

Who is that creepy Bob person, when are we going to get the rest of his story?

Holy hell that Don is a control freak off of the charts

So Don is the "old style man", he even still wears a hat, and Ted Chaough is the "new style man".

Aaaaand Creepy Bob is at her service

So Don's mistress bores him with her chatty-chat-chat about her petty domestic melodrama (because really, no man of that generation wants to hear that from the woman he's screwing. He doesn't even want to hear it from his wife). So he punishes her by making her get on her knees to put his shoes on and then he strands her, nude in a hotel room until *he* dresses her and *he* comes back to for her.

*Then* he puts Ted in his place by drinking him under the table and letting him walk into a room of employees and make a drunken idiot of himself.

It must be nice to be Don Draper, The King.

If he doesn't shower, he'll reek of sex. If he does shower he'll smell like fresh soap? How do you climb into bed next to your wife and not worry about her knowing?

Boy Pete, when it rains it pours.

LOL, Peggy so sees right through Don's bullshit and calls him right on it. I wonder how long it will be until Don figures out that she's attracted to Ted (because it will come out sooner or later)

Wow, has he ever been dumped so irrevocably before? She's a lot more traditional than most of the other women he's been with and is on the same level as him as terms of social status. Rachael was also smart and such but they made the point that men considered her masculine because of her business acumen *and* she was Jewish in a world that was less warm to Jews. (But then again, he asked her to run away with him and she turned him down cold).

Was caring for Joan all about Bob securing his job? He's like some kind of cipher, completely empty inside, if you stuck him he wouldn't bleed because there's nothing in there. The original Mr Cellophane. I guess it paid off for him though.

Megan and Don? Divorced by the end of the season? Will she leave him for one of her co-stars?

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