Jun. 9th, 2013

cinema_babe: (MadMen)

• Pete’s mom is twelve sorts of out there.
• So where did Bob find this guy and is he really doing Pete’s mother?
• Wow, Sally is officially a teenager in looks as well as temperament.
• So who will Peggy end up sleeping with tonight, Ted or Pete?
• Boy, the Drapers are just screwing up Arnold’s life right and left aren’t they. They won’t be happy until Sylvia kills herself (which is pretty much where it’s all headed anyway).
• At least Betty never complained Don’s working, just hi screwing. Ted’s wife is going to make Peggy look more and more like the next Mrs Ted Chaough.
• Ted and Jim are like the bizarre Don and Roger. Exactly the same only the opposite.
• Aaaaand someone will be losing their virginity in 10-9-8-7-6...
• Pete Campbell, a sour unlovable, little man. I guess it’s only okay when *he* screws the help.
• Don, clumsily trying to go fishing for info
• So Peggy ends up living in a shithole because of Abe and then he dumps her and leaves her in the shithole. I’d stab him again for doing that.
• “I bet you don’t have a lot of friends Don” Priceless, just priceless.
• Does Don think that getting Sylvia’s kid out of Vietnam will get him back in her bed?
• So is this going to fall through or will Mitchell get killed learning how to fly?
• Someone is not coming out of this season alive.
• Oh boy, here we go. And this is how Sally is going to see her father cheating on Megan with the neighbor lady.
• Yup, Bob is gay. Aaaand he’s in love with Pete?
• Every week Bob Benson freaks me out a little more.
• Ahhh to be a 14 year old girl again. Or maybe not.
• That Jonesy loves to give out keys without thinking twice.

• Hello Sylvia’s suicide!

• Will Jonesy get to keep his job when all of this comes out?
• Awwww Peggy’s big orange cat
• I also guess this is where Sally’s coke addiction and rampant promiscuity begins, lol.
• And what is Sally’s friend up to and why is she sucking up to Megan like that?

• Since when did comforting your neighbor involve having your underwear around your ankles while her skirt is pushed all the way up? Just curious Don.

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