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...Movin' right along,
Footloose and fancy-free
You're ready for the big time
Is it ready for me?

So I packed up my place and my life is now sitting in a metal box. I've been with family for a couple of days and tomorrow morning I hit the road and leave home.

It's funny when I think that this is not a 2 week road trip, this is a *relocation*. I'm won't be returning home in X number of days. I won't be back in this state until I visit at the holidays. And even then I'll have to travel an hour to see my old friends and visit my old stomping rounds.

No wonder I like Dr Who so much. I was a goth college dropout and wanna be rock star who morphed into the model of a no bullshit taking corporate middle manager. Then I morphed into a downsized suburban housewife who morphed into a non-traditional college student who morphed into a grad student who was just working for the man to cover tuition.

And now? I'm not even sure who the hell I am or will be I just know I have to move over 800 miles westward to do it. The beams will just shoot out of my fingers and toes and I'll be re-formed.

I guess as long as I am happy and successful (on my terms) it really doesn't matter very much what I have to do to do it. Does it?
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