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Since I've been doing a good bit of navel gazing lately, I thought it might be fun to re-post my first LiveJournal Post. Back in October no one even knew that I was here let alone who I was. (Okay, so still no one knows who I am, including me!)

And yeah, I'm ripping off Howard Stern too, heh-heh.

Anyway, here, behind an LJ cut because it's longish, is My first LJ entry. I have added on to a couple of the points and that is duly
noted. Enjoy!

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I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while and I have no idea how long it’ll hold my short attention span. Here is the merest sliver of who I am:

1. I am the eldest of 2 children.

2. I have no living children and never will.

3. I have been married once. I think that was my lifetime quota.

4. I love to write but can’t punctuate worth a damn.

5. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life and love it here.

6. I swear like a sailor (or truckdriver or librarian or whatever)

7. I love to read, classics are my favorite.

8. My favorite color is deep, clear cobalt blue.

9. I have a sexy voice and laugh (so people tell me)

10. I find it easier to joke around men because I think women take things too seriously. (Yes, I know this is a generalization…..)

11. Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo and Thomas Hardy are my favorite authors. I have read every book written by all three of them (most of them more then once.)

12. I am both fat and beautiful. The “F” word freaks a lot of people out. Sucks to be them. It’s a description, not a slur.

13. I am a movie fanatic; if it’s on film I’ve probably seen it. Feel free to hit me up for suggestions and about what to rent or see.

14. I’ve seen The Godfather over a dozen times. I still jump when Fredo gets killed.

15. I am a technoholic. I will never have a computer beefy or fast enough; never have a flash drive too big. Technology is my crack

16. I know how to bake bread and I’m pretty good at it.

17. My 3 favorite places on earth are (1) Cape May, New Jersey, USA; (2) Bermuda; (3) Laying on the deck of a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic on the way to Bermuda

18. I will carry a purse until it literally falls apart and then I will spend weeks trying to find the perfect one again because I know it will have to last years.

19. The Foo Fighters are amazing. Ben Folds is amazing. The Clash was amazing. God bless you Joe Strummer.

20. I don't like hot weather. I would rather be cold and snuggled under a blanket than sweating and trying to stay cool.

21. I hate camping. I hate the bugs, the lack of bathrooms, and smoke from the fire. Give me a hotel room anyday.

22. I love to surprise people with gifts.

23. Did I mention that I hate the term BBW? Not every fat woman is beautiful and not every beautiful woman is fat. I see the two as independent concepts. Articulating this does not endear me to people.

24. [ profile] yohannon is one of the coolest people alive. I bow to his awesomeness (And no, you don’t really know me)

25. I am terrified to fly in an airplane.

26. I have a severe phobia of snakes. Spiders are not a bother. I am allergic to bees

27. I am a cancer survivor. To save my life, my doctors performed a radical hysterectomy which left large scar that runs from my navel down to my pubic bone.

28. Feminism is about making life choices. Pick a traditional path, be a trailblazer, we need both kinds of women in society, it’s all good. I think old school feminism has lost sight of this.

29. I am a very sensual and sexual person. Having a hysterectomy *did not* change that (thank god!) I'm always searching for my next orgasm

30. I am pro life but in Roman Catholic sort of way. I think that capital punishment is wrong and I think abortion is wrong. I have no problem with the concepts of wealth, class or status but believe that one must pay a just, livable wage to one’s employees. (Google “Pax Christi”) I am not threatened, upset or freaked out by people who disagree with me; I believe that reasonable, decent people can disagree on these issues. However, there must always be room for dialog.

31. I piss Liberals off with my conservative viewpoints (see #30) and I piss Conservatives off with my liberal viewpoints. I eschew all labels except one: Human.

32. I love driving and want to drive cross country

33. I will talk to anyone about my belief system in an appropriate situation but I think proselytizing sucks.
34. I am a bundle of contradictions wrapped in soft brown skin.

35. I love coffee, the taste as well as the buzz. I used to smoke.

37. I can’t wiggle my nose but I can arch my right eyebrow

38. My favorite drink is a Jack and Coke with 2 lime wedges or a screwdriver made with fresh squeezed orange juice.

39. I don't like the taste of beer.

40. If you think you know who I am, I assure you, you don’t.

41. I am a Gemini; we are the bullshit artists of the Zodiac. I am a writer and talker extraordinaire

Perhaps I will post another 41 some day.

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