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I have received my first acceptance into grad school from Boise State University. It is an on-line program, one of the more rigorous in the field (Instructional and Performance Technology) It lives in the engineering department as opposed to the education department where most programs of this type live.

I *do not* plan on going to live in Idaho.

One down, 3 to go.

I'll talk about self pleasure some other time (smirk.)
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I was talking to this woman who I see around school quite a bit. I told her about a class I'm taking in grant writing and how I might like to consult for a while to make money for Grad School. It seems she has her own company and might be needing a grant writer about the time I graduate at the end of the year. She gave me her card.

No matter what comes of this, I really needed this. Sometimes the Lord let's you see a bit of the promised land to help you get clarity around your goals. I love to write and I'm damn good at it, I love doing research, I need money.

I can do this.

As of today, my future is so very unclear and (as more then one therapist has pointed out to me) that is a nearly unbearable situation for me emotionally and psychologically. No wonder I can't sleep or take care of myself. I'll be ok, though, I'll be okay.

Stay Tuned!

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