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The problem is middle class avarice and a desire to 'live large'.

I keep hearing this piffle about, “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do” What does that mean? It means that so called ‘Americans’ won’t work for long hours at less than sharecropper’s wages at dirty and dangerous jobs. So instead we farm it out to the brown and black people who have become almost invisible to us. Whenever I hear that phrase, I wonder if the speaker really understands he exact words hey are saying or are they parroting something they’ve been told (Like “the evil empire” or “the vast right wing conspiracy”. Not saying they do or don’t exist, just that these phrases have lost their meaning and have taken on a subtext of their own.)

So what would happen if tomorrow our entire border became like steel?

Many things that the McMansion crowd take for granted wouldn’t be so easy to come by so cheaply: nice lawns, clean houses, weekly manicures, and houses built on the cheap. God forbid one has to pay 50 cents or a dollar more for a head of lettuce. God forbid landscapers aren’t able to pull up in a parking lot and get a 5 man crew to tidy up your lawn. Sorry, you’ll have to pay more, maybe a lot more.

Or just maybe if there was no else to take the jobs Americans *would* do them? If anyone out there reading this can point to a (relatively) unbiased study *proving* that Americans (or immigrants who are here legally) would not do the fruit picking and house cleaning, etc and the reasons why they wouldn't, please tell me where to find it.

We do our best to keep these folks away from us. I live in a nice commuter town and I see the maids and nannies and manual laborer’s file in early in the morning and then leave at night. “God forbid they *live* in our town”

Behind the cut is an enlightening article about the invisible men who stand on the street looking for work. It’s from an op-ed piece published in the New York Times on February 12, 2006.

Wanted: Day Laborers by CAROLA OTERO BRACCO )

This is not new phenomenon. My grandfather stood on street corners with other young black men in towns like Red Bank and Freehold and Colt’s Neck during the Great Depression. Waiting for someone to give them a bit of work picking fruit or corn so they could buy some food or pay for a room.

I’m not sure if I agree with the solution proposed in the op-ed piece 100%. I think people who are here illegally need to be protected from exploitation, however I also think that if you aren’t supposed to be here, you should go home. Period. If I shoplift something, I’m not allowed to take it home and use it for a few weeks and then bring it back. I don't think they should be allowed to hang around. It feels like they are being rewarded for beating the system. (I'm not saying it doens't happen, I'm just saying it doens't feel right to me)

If we’re going to have a dialog about illegal immigration and really look for solutions, then we need to have an frank conversation with the middle class who vote and pay taxes and go up to the necks in debt for the house with the big shiny, chandelier and an SUV because they are the ones who would feel the pinch. The truly wealthy can always afford to get the help they want. The faux wealthy reap the benefits of people who will work for cheaply and for cash.

What will we tell them they have to give up in order to reduce our dependence on illegal immigrant labor?
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I read this on Yahoo and and thought what the hell ever happened to the middle ground.

Many operas deal with topics that are gory and adult in nature (murder, deception, rape, adultery and suicide to rattle off a few) Honestly I don't know that I would want to expose my 6 year old first grader to Faust (or Carmen or Tosca, for that matter) There are a lot of operas that *are* more suitable for the younger kids like Peter and the Wolfe or Gianni Schichi(sp). I agree that the teacher showed a small to middling error in judgment even if she was in a progressive locale like New York or Los Angeles.

If you're going to work with children across a variety of are groups, you've got to be conscience of picking materials that are a bit more age appropriate. The parents might think it's fine to take the kids to so blood spattered R rated movie, but *you* need to walk a much finer line.

However, people need to calm down!

There are a lot of things that might lead you to believe that someone worships Satan, last time I checked, showing kids something about the opera Faust ain't one of them. To make this woman send a letter of apology to every parent in the elementary school is a bit much. From the sound of things, she's lucky they didn't pull her out of her house at night, tie her up and burn her at the stake. These people are acting like Chicken Littles. Kids will be exposed to stuff that is too rough for them all the time; no child has died from it. The worst part is that this is probably for naught. A lot of the time, heinous stuff goes over little kids heads because they have no frame of reference to process it.

These kinds if things remind me of something that happened to when I was about 11. My mother and 2 of her friends inadvertently took a bunch of us kids to an R rated movie. It began with a naked man and woman in bed and just went on from there. The women were horrified, to say the least. The next day I said to my mother, "Mom, what does 'screw' mean?" Did I mention that we were on the way to church?

My mom may have screwed a lot of things up but I will always give her credit for the way she handled this. She didn't panic, didn't yell or get up set. She simply told me that it was a slang word for having sex but that it was a rough word and not one that we used in our house. That was a more than adequate answer for an 11 year old and no one was hurt in the making of that film. (and I can't believe that I'm saying this but...) I wish more parents would adopt my mother's attitude. Morality is not something that is taught by keeping ideas and images away from children but rather by allowing them in and discussing them. Children will do as you do not as you say.

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This is a mini rant about restrooms.

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