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This was one of my favorite posts because it deals with one of my favorite pastimes: kissing. A good kiss is one of life's sublime experiences: something to be remembered long after time has robbed you of that which makes you human. A bad kiss should be a federal offense.

But what makes a kiss good or bad? That, dear reader, is for you to decide.

The Kissing Bandit )
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Ahhh, Halloween is over and by the end of the week people will stop asking me what I was for Halloween this year. This is good because I'm tired of saying, "Nothing, I didn't dress up this year." This time last year I was in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of me and IVs running in. I missed my niece's first Halloween. Even though she wore the recycled Pumpkin costume from her brother's first Halloween, I really wanted to be there in person. My nephew was a dragon and I'm sorry I missed that too.

Maybe next year I'll go as a Kissing Bandit. A Zorro like cape, black eye mask, black velvet pants and pumps, white blouse and a pomp of blood red lipstick on my lips. (I know that this is not the most grammatically correct usage of the word pomp but, one of the definitions is "A vain or ostentatious display" and that's just the sort of effect I'm going for.)

I want to be kissed where my neck and shoulder meet, on the left side. That would be left for me. That's a kiss that can buckle my knees. I've never had an orgasm from kissing (I'm sure someone has) but I when I'm tangling with a good (to me) kisser, I feel like I have jet fuel for blood. I become hyper-aware of my heartbeat, my breathing, the feel of the skin of his face as I hold it in my hands. There is something alive that is passed from lover to lover over and over again when you are tangled in a scorching kiss.

There are times it becomes so thrilling it's almost frightening. I feel like I could devour my lover with my kisses, one lip-swallow at a time.

I wonder who the first person was to figure out kissing? I've been told that inch for inch, the upper lip region is the part of the body that has the most nerve endings so that makes it the most sensitive part of the body. It is very sensitive, indeed. That explains why act of kissing feels so nice and it can be so intense! I wonder what pushed two people to push their lips together and suck. And how long was it until the tongue got in on the action?

Babies are taught to kiss almost from the instant they're born. I wonder what would happen, though, if a child was exposed to the full range of human interaction except for kissing? Would they figure it out? That would mean that the behavior might be inborn. Or is kissing something that it totally learned. If kissing is a totally learned behavior and one doesn't learn, what does that mean about oral sex?

To be clear, I'm not talking about social rules about who you kiss and when and where you can kiss them, I'm talking about the animal, physical act of being pressed lip to lip, breath to breath.

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