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**The following is a revision of a letter I sent a good friend. Egomaniac that I am, as I was rereading it, I thought, "hmmmm, I should put this in my blog." So there you are my email to R preserved for posterity(ish).**

This year has been a roller coaster for me and a lot of people I care about but I still feel that I have a lot to be thankful for. Perfection and perpetual tranquility would be boring. Though maybe I've have had a bit *too much* drama in my life at times, this year will certainly be something for the memoirs.

The Obligatory List......
I am grateful for friendship, of course. My friends know stuff about me but love and support me anyway.

I am grateful that in three weeks (all else being equal) I will be a college graduate. I am equally grateful that by next spring I hope to be accepted into one or more graduate schools

I am grateful for my FWB because he's an interesting guy who can hold his end of a conversation and being sexually objectified again is *thrilling!!*

I am grateful for second acts in life, second chances, do overs and change being thrust upon me.

I am grateful for my entire family, including my crazy mother. My mom might be heavily prozaced but in her craziest moment I know she'd lay down her life for me.

I am grateful to my ex husband because he taught me just how much I can bear for love. I will always love him more than he could ever know but must left him to save my tattered self worth. This whole experience has broken me into all but sand but made me more human than anyone knows

I'm grateful for the best big brother I never had. He lets me talk and talk and talk and talk ( and he listen's real well too!)

Shit, I'm just grateful to be alive :)

Skoal, my friends, skoal

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