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First, I want to thank everyone for all of their goods thoughts. It's been a long couple days and I hope that everyone reading this who have been touched by the storm is doing okay, especially the couple of you down the shore.


I found a charging  station @ an Office Depot in North Brunswick. Ahhh my netbook is full of juice again, lol.


They are apparently working north towards my town to restore power. As of 530 I still had none so I packed some clothes and am at my sister's for a couple of days. Hey, she has heat, I don't ask for much.


OK, time for me to try to get sone rest. Be safe everyone.

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So here's the latest tally:


Class 1 - Org Development and Training
Final paper: submitted Grade: A
Final grade for the semester: A


Class 2 - Mediated Communications
Final Paper: submitted Grade: B+
Final grade for the semester: A


Class 3 - Masters Thesis/Capstone
Presentation: completed Grade: A
Final Paper: Due completed Grade: A
Final Grade for the semester: A


Final GPA for the semester: 4.0
Overall GPA 3.940

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