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cinema_babe ([personal profile] cinema_babe) wrote2013-05-27 01:03 pm

My Favorite Doctor

I had an epiphany about Doctor Who: there are definitely parallels between my favorite Doctor (#5, Peter Davidson) and #11 (MAtt Smith).

The were both, up until that point, the youngest man to play the role. In each case this was not without a certain level of controversy as people questioned whether an actor so young could embody a character played by men who a good decade older. Could they be appropriately authoritative, seem realistic as a sentient being who has lived for over 800 years?

They both also had to follow a long lived and wildly popular incarnation, Davidson followed Tom Baker who still holds the record for playing The Doctor the longer than any other actor (7 years IIRC). His super long striped scarf become so iconic that in abstract representations, that scarf is all you need to know it's him.

Smith had to follow perhaps the most popular Doctor ever, #10. For many people David Tennant *is* The Doctor. His final episode was the highest rated episode of Doctor Who of all time.

And yet, I think they both have acquitted themselves very well. More than well.

Just a random thought from my caffeine deprived brain.

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