cinema_babe: (A Dr Who Xmas)
cinema_babe ([personal profile] cinema_babe) wrote2013-12-10 09:15 pm

Like a Ping Pong Ball On Amphetamines

OK, this is how fucking random my thought process is.

[ profile] bart_calendar Had a post about Romeo and Juliet is not a romantic play (and he's quite right).

I was looking up a note I made in my copy about Romeo's age and I thought about how Wuthering Heights is another story that people think of as romantic when it most emphatically is not.

That made me begin to hum the Kate Bush song Wuthering Heights

Which led to me set up a whole line up of 80s music in YouTube to listen to as I work

So I've just gone from Romeo and Juliet to The Pet Shop Boys in under 30 minutes. Makes sense to me.

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