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Easy Wind and Downy Flake

These Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

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My LJ Friending Policy:
1) When you friend me, please drop me private message and let me know you're here, how you found me and why you friended me.
2) Friending me is not a guarantee that I will friend you back right away (or ever). I tend to post with my inner censor off so I'm cautious about who gets to read it.
4) My locked posts can be rather explicit, so no one under 21 please. You probably wouldn't like it here anyway.


Ahem, Presents are *always* most appreciated are
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Some Good Advice I Need To Remember
Se tu segui tu stella, non puoi fallire a glorioso porto
(If you follow your star, you cannot fail to reach a splendid harbor)
Dante’s Inferno, Canto XV

And when you were gone,
And I knew I would never see you again,
I folded the memory of you
And my love for you
Like an old lace shawl,
That is too fragile to be worn daily
And too precious to be put aside forever,
And placed it in a trunk,
In the attic of my mind.

William F. Payne

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