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This passing thought, has anyone told John Legend that he needs to give Stevie Wonder his act back? I've heard people raving about this kid and when I heard him for the first time I said, "What the hell, *this* is what everyone is so excited about??!! Stevie Wonder was doing that sh*t back in '79....and doing it much better, I might add."

Have I really become *that* old and crotchety that most of the new music sounds like variations on the 'old music I grew up with'?

And while I'm, at it, ragging on celebrities, how's this for a dirt sandwich nightmare: Scott Stapp and Kid Rock in a sex video involving the two of them and 4 groupies on a bus. YUK!!! EEEEWWWW!!!! No thank you I'll pass. That neither titillates nor excites me. I don't even want to see it as a freak show. Just thinking about it makes me want to brush my teeth and wash my hands. And trust me kiddies, by most standards, I'm not that easily skeeved.

Edited to add:
WTF, they made Basic Instinct 2?? Aren't they about 10 years too late for that. The preview looks like a rehash of the first film and I predict that this is going to be a bit of a mess. It is nice of Sharon Stone to share her new face with us, though.

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