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So it turns out that they did bollocks up my financial aid package but they finally got my financial aid straightened up. Yup, I was right all along when I said I should have been offered a loan. Feh.

To explain, I have a fellowship, which is basically a type of scholarship. I am getting paid to study and produce. In addition I am a teaching assistant (TA) who teaches one class (F/t is 4 classes so they call me a quarter time TA). Someone deep in the bowels of somewhere only recorded my TAship *and* they put me down as an Indiana resident. They never recorded that I have a 12 month fellowship as well. Over the summer, I was told that I would have to have to gather all of my financial paperwork (receipts, tax returns, etc) and file an appeal.

Fuck me.

So I went to Financial Aid today to find out what I needed to to to appeal. the first guy who looked at my file kept squinting at the screen as if he didn't get what he was seeing. That was because he didn't. He said something didn't look right and what he was looking at didn't match what I was telling him I had.

So he left the office to go talk to someone else.

He came back with a slip of paper with a name and number. A room number. A room number in another building. Soooo on with my backpack and over to the other building until I found that person. Fortunately for me, she knew I was coming and, to her credit, she had my file on her desk and waiting for me. She explained to me exactly what my scholarship award package was. I asked her to call Financial Aid while I was in her office and explain to them what she had told me and she did.

I thanked her, shook her hand and trudged back to Financial Aid.

The guy I spoke with before was busy so I spoke with someone else. She made the same face the first guy did and then went to talk to the same person the first guy did but she came with a smile. She sat down punched some stuff into the computer and told me I should have been offered a loan (which is what i wanted all along). Allegedly, by the end of next week I will have some money to begin paying back my benefactors and paying off my mounting bills.

This will be very funny bu Christmas but right now I'm freaking EXHAUSTED. If this information had been recorded properly in the first place, I would not be living off of cabbage and cheap frozen dinners (not that I don't enjoy them but I'd like to have meat more than once a week).

I'm writing this all down so that a year or two from now I can look at this and laugh

I will laugh about this, right?

In other news, Big Brony Party on campus this weekend!! And the first of the semi weekly grad student scotch and beer pickling session mixer. You can guess where I'll be.
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