Apr. 8th, 2013

cinema_babe: (Back to School)
So a few months ago, I had a list of 6 schools I was applying to for my PhD. I got into most of them and then I had to make a choice about where to go. It got down to two school and I picked one at the end of last week. I had to let the schools know first but now I can let everyone else in:

In September I begin school at Purdue University in Indiana. The program is top notch, #8 in the country, and area seems nice enough. Even though it's not New Jersey it seems like a decent place to spend the next few years. There are a few people who came from Rutgers there already so I won't be too homesick.

Today I am feeling slightly overwhelmed (okay, more than slightly overwhelmed) as I realize I have no idea what to do to relocate 800+ miles away, I guess I need to start by selling or giving away most all my shit. The only pieces of furniture I want to bring with me are my bed and my dresser, both of which I am deeply sentimentally attached to. Of course my books, clothes and dishes. I need to get rid of the stuff left in my storage (which is not much) and I want to sell my wedding dress (which is a glorious dress for any large bride. If you know someone, let me know).

I needs a crap load of money I don't have so this should be interesting. The picture below is the silent scream I'm making at this moment.

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